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Toshiba Laptop Repair Parts

Satellite, Tecra, Qosmio, Radius, Fusion, Portege, Chromebook, 2-in-1, Click Series

All of our Toshiba laptop repair parts are factory originals and are new. Below you will find the Toshiba laptop models broken down by series number. The part's detail page will be more specific to model compatibility, photo and other identifying numbers. If you don't see your Toshiba model below you may click the link above to see more models. Or, we welcome you to email us if you have any questions regarding your Toshiba on part compatiblity, availability or removal/installation. Models released prior to 2010 are removed from our database. If you need a part from one of these older models email us to see if the part is still in our inventory.
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Toshiba Tecra Laptop Parts

   A40    A50    C40    C50    R840    R850    R940    R950    W50    Z40    Z50

Toshiba Satellite Fusion Laptop Parts

   Fusion L55W-C

Toshiba Satellite Radius Laptop Parts

   Radius E45W-C    Radius 11 L15W    Radius P55W

Toshiba Satellite A Series Parts

   A505/D    A665(also_A660/D_&_A665D)

Toshiba Satellite C Series Parts

   C50, C55(also_C55D)    C75(also_C75D)    C645(also_C645D)    C655(also_C650/D_&_C655D)    C660/D    C675(also_C675D)    C855(also_C850/D_&_C855D)    C875(also_C870_&_C875D)

   CL15    CL45

Toshiba Satellite E Series Parts

   E45    E55    E205    E305

Toshiba Satellite L Series Parts

   L35W    L45T_Intel_iCore    L55(also_L50_&_L55D)    L75(also_L70_&_L75D)    L505(also_L500/D_&_L505D)    L635(also_L630)    L645(also_L640/D_&_L645D)    L655(also_L650/D_&_L655D)    L675(also_L670/D_&_L675D)    L735    L745(also_L745D)    L755(also_L755D)    L775(also_L770/D_&_L775D)    L845(also_L840/D_&_L845D)    L855(also_L850/D_&_L855D)    L875(also_L870/D_&_L875D)    L955(also_L955D)

Toshiba Satellite M Series Parts


Toshiba Satellite P Series Parts

   P50, P55    P70, P75    P505(also_P500_&_P505D)    P745(also_P745D)    P755(also_P750/D_&_P755D)    P775(also_P770/D_&_P775D)    P845    P855(also_P850_&_P855D)    P875

Toshiba Satellite R Series Parts

   R845    R945

Toshiba Satellite S Series Parts

   S55(also_S50_&_S55D_&_S55T)    S75(also_S70_&_S75D_&_S75T)    S855(also_S850_&_S855D)    S875(also_S875D)    S955(also_S950_&_S955D)

Toshiba Satellite U Series Parts

   U840, U845    U925    U945

Toshiba Portege Laptop Parts

   A30    R700, R705    R830, R835    R930, R935    Z10, Z15    Z830, Z835    Z930, Z935

Toshiba Netbook Parts

   NB15    NB305    NB505

Toshiba Qosmio Laptop Parts

   X75    X505    X775(also_X770)    X875(also_X870)

Toshiba Click Series Parts

   Click P35W-B    Click W35DT

Toshiba Chromebook Parts

   Chromebook CB30, CB35

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