Toshiba Satellite U840 U845 Series Parts List
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310204 P000552600
in stock in stock P000552600, G83C000BZ3US, A000207440, N860-7834-T001
Toshiba Satellite U845T U845W Keyboard
new Toshiba keyboard with frame
 $49.89  Ref #: 310204 .
310363 P000552600
in stock in stock P000552600, G83C000BZ3US, AETEAU00020, N860-7834-T001
Toshiba Satellite U845 U925 Backlit Keyboard
Toshiba backlit keyboard with frame
 $49.89  Ref #: 310363 .

Cooling Fans
744613 ZYE3ITEATA0I101
in stock in stock ZYE3ITEATA0I101, 3ITEATA0I00
Toshiba Satellite U845W Fan Assembly
fan and heatsink assembly, 3-wire
 $39.89  Ref #: 744613 .
744617 FCN3EBY1TM
in stock FCN3EBY1TM
Toshiba Satellite U845T Fan Assembly
new Toshiba genuine fan and heatsink assembly, 3-wire
 $45.89  Ref #: 744617 .
746162 none
in stock in stock
Toshiba Satellite U845T Fan
cooling fan, 4-wire
 $34.97  Ref #: 746162 .

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
168225 A000211740
in stock in stock A000211740, DD0TEALC020
Toshiba Satellite U845W LCD Cable
new genuine Toshiba lcd cable
 $59.97  Ref #: 168225 .

DC Power Jacks
999329 DD0TEAAD000
in stock in stock DD0TEAAD000, A000210900
Toshiba Satellite U845T U845W DC Jack
dc jack and cable harness, 4-wire
 $39.97  Ref #: 999329 .

AC Adapters
187332 PA3822U-1ACA
in stock in stock PA3822U-1ACA
Toshiba Satellite U845W 45W AC Adapter
original ac adapter rated at 45 watts 19.0v, 2.37a
 $44.95  Ref #: 187332

Hard Drives

Hinge Kits, Heat Sinks, Compartment Covers, Speakers
442068 A000210720
in stock in stock A000210720, A000210730
Toshiba Satellite U845T U845W LCD Hinges
left and right side lcd hinge set
 $59.95  Ref #: 442068 .

Digitizer Touch Glass & LCD Displays
974405 B140XW03 V.1
in stock in stock B140XW03 V.1
Toshiba Satellite U840 U845 U940 U945 14-Inch Screen
14-inch wide led display, non-touch, 1366 x 768 resolution, 40-pin connector
 $69.99  Ref #: 974405 .

299246 PA5028U-1BRS
in stock in stock PA5028U-1BRS

Toshiba Satellite U845T Battery, 4-Cell
4-cell replacement battery pack, black
 $39.89  Ref #: 299246 .
299247 PA5065U-1BRS
in stock in stock PA5065U-1BRS

Toshiba Satellite U845W 4-Cell Battery
replacement battery pack with 4 cells, black
 $39.89  Ref #: 299247 .

Circuit Boards : Motherboards, power boards, video, network card, USB, etc.
956271 2230BNHMW
in stock in stock 2230BNHMW
Toshiba Satellite U840 U845 N-2230 Bluetooth Card
new Intel Centrino N-2230 2230BNHMW Mini-PCI wireless network card, bluetooth, IEEE 802.11b/g/n
 $16.76  Ref #: 956271 .
955026 DA0TEATBAD0
in stock in stock DA0TEATBAD0
Toshiba Satellite U845W USB Board
dual usb port and LAN port board
 $45.95  Ref #: 955026 .
955027 DA0TEAPBAC0
in stock in stock DA0TEAPBAC0
Toshiba Satellite U845W Power Button Board
power button board with cable
 $27.45  Ref #: 955027 .

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
249794 A000231000
in stock in stock A000231000
Toshiba Satellite U845W Bottom Case
bottom case
 $59.89  Ref #: 249794
250266 A000210500
in stock in stock A000210500
Toshiba Satellite U845T Bottom Case
new Toshiba bottom case
 $129.99  Ref #: 250266

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