Toshiba Satellite T235 Series Parts List
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312630 PK130CQ1A00
in stock PK130CQ1A00, NSK-TP0PC, 9Z.N4XPC.001, V114502BS1, PK130CQ2A00
Toshiba Satellite T230 T235 T235D Silver Keyboard
keyboard, silver with silver frame
 $7.89  Ref #: 312630 .

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
165137 DC020011D10
in stock DC020011D10
Toshiba Satellite T235 T235D LCD Cable
lcd cable for 13.3-inch LED displays
 $2.95  Ref #: 165137 .

DC Power Jacks
999947 NDU10
in stock NDU10, DC30100AW00
Toshiba Satellite T235 T235D DC Jack With Cable
dc jack with cable, requires soldering, 2.5mm center pin
 $1.00  Ref #: 999947 .

Hard Drives

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
249318 K000095400
in stock K000095400
Toshiba Satellite T235 T235D Rear Cover, Black
rear lcd lid (gemini black), includes webcam and wifi antenna wires
 $4.89  Ref #: 249318 .

Hard Drive Connectors
111518 LS-6033P
in stock in stock LS-6033P
Toshiba Satellite T215D T235 T235D Hard Drive Interface Assembly
hard drive interface adapter board with cable
 $34.92  Ref #: 111518

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