Samsung R480 Parts List
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312742 none
in stock in stock , BA59-02688A
Samsung R480 Keyboard
keyboard, black, 2 screw posts
 $29.89  Ref #: 312742 .

Cooling Fans
744742 none
in stock
Samsung R480 Cooling Fan
replacement cooling fan without the heatsink, 3-wire connector
 $5.95  Ref #: 744742 .
745030 BA62-00514A
in stock in stock BA62-00514A, 0M102823, BA62-00515A , BA81-08716A
Samsung R480 Fan Assembly
new Samsung cooling fan with heatsink for Intel iCore processors only, .40a, 3-wires
 $29.97  Ref #: 745030 .

168247 BA39-00936A
in stock in stock BA39-00936A
Samsung R480 LCD Cable
lcd cable
 $21.79  Ref #: 168247 .

AC Adapters
187319 AD-6019
in stock in stock AD-6019
Samsung R480 R522 R580 60W AC Adapter
60w ac adapter charger rated at 19v, 3.16a, for laptops with 14 inch screens, 5.5mm outer and 1-pin center, comes with US version power cord
 $19.95  Ref #: 187319 .

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
442459 none
in stock , BA81-08747A, BA81-08748A
Samsung R480 LCD Hinge Set
lcd hinges for 14-inch displays, include side rails (left rail number BA81-08747A, right rail number BA81-08748A
 $6.89  Ref #: 442459 .

300129 AA-PB9NC6B
in stock in stock AA-PB9NC6B

Samsung R480 R530 R540 R580 Battery, 6-Cell
laptop replacement rechargeable battery with fuel gauge rated at 10.8v and 4800mAh, 6-cells, dark gray, 5 position connector
 $29.97  Ref #: 300129 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
959835 AR5B95
in stock in stock AR5B95
Samsung R480 R580 R780 Atheros AR5B95 Wireless Card
Mni PCI wireless network card using the Atheros AR5B95 chipset for Samsung, 802.11b/g/Draft-N, drivers not included
 $17.76  Ref #: 959835 .
959868 BA92-06023A
in stock in stock BA92-06023A
Samsung R480 Power Button Board
power button board with single USB port
 $19.97  Ref #: 959868 .

LCD Bezels, Palmrests, Rear Lids, Bottom Cases
249544 BA75-02411A
in stock BA75-02411A
Samsung R480 Red Palmrest Assembly
palmrest with touchpad, color Red
 $8.99  Ref #: 249544 .
249545 BA75-02481A
in stock BA75-02481A
Samsung R480 Bottom Case
bottom case
 $5.89  Ref #: 249545 .

Hard Drive Caddies
620628 none
in stock in stock
Samsung R480 Hard Drive Caddy
hard drive caddy
 $15.92  Ref #: 620628 .

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