Gateway NV510 Series Parts List
Below is a list of parts we carry for this model

Part NumbersProduct Details And Links To Ordering

312696 PK130QG2B00
in stock in stock PK130QG2B00, PK130QG2A00, 9Z.N3M82.E1D, NSK-AUE1D, NK.I1717.05C, KNK.I1713.04G, NK.I1717.01Q, NK.I1713.01R, 9Z.N3M82.G1D
Gateway NV510P NV570P Keyboard
new Gateway keyboard, black
 $39.89  Ref #: 312696 .

Cooling Fans
743354 AT12R001DT0
in stock AT12R001DT0, 60.MGRN2.001, AT12R001SS0, AT12R001DT0
Gateway NE510 NV510P Fan Heatsink
fan and heatsink
 $19.97  Ref #: 743354 .

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
165079 50.Y3RN2.001
in stock in stock 50.Y3RN2.001, DC02001V010
Gateway NE572 NV510P NV570P eDP Video Cable, Touch
lcd eDP cable for laptops with touchscreens only
 $21.47  Ref #: 165079 .
156203 50.M8EN2.001
in stock in stock 50.M8EN2.001
Gateway NV510P NV570P Touchpad Cable
touchpad cable
 $26.97  Ref #: 156203 .

DC Power Jacks
999383 50.M8EN2.005
in stock in stock 50.M8EN2.005, DC30100PP00, DC30100PU00
Gateway NE510 NV510P DC Power Jack
dc jack and cable
 $19.95  Ref #: 999383 .

AC Adapters
187440 ADP-40TH(A)
in stock in stock ADP-40TH(A)
Gateway NE510 NE522 NE570 NE572 NV510P NV570P 40W Charger
new ac adapter with power cord, 19v, 2.15a, 40w
 $19.97  Ref #: 187440 .

Hard Drives

Hinge Kits, Heat Sinks, Compartment Covers, Speakers
438421 60.M8EN2.003
in stock in stock 60.M8EN2.003
Gateway NE510, NE570, NE572, NV510P, NV570P Bottom Cover
bottom compartment cover door
 $23.97  Ref #: 438421 .

110088 KT.00403.012
in stock in stock KT.00403.012

Gateway NV510P NV570P Battery, 4-Cell
4-cell li-ion battery
 $39.99  Ref #: 110088 .

110155 KT.00403.012
in stock in stock KT.00403.012

Original Gateway NV510P NV570P Battery
genuine Gateway 4-cell li-ion battery
 $79.97  Ref #: 110155 .

Circuit Boards : Motherboards, power boards, video, network card, USB, etc.
955060 LS-9532P
in stock in stock LS-9532P, 55.MEPN2.001
Gateway NE510 NE570 NE572 NV510P NV570P USB Board
genuine Gateway dual USB port board
 $19.94  Ref #: 955060 .

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
249607 60.M8EN2.002
in stock in stock 60.M8EN2.002
Gateway NE510 NE572 NV510P NV570P Bottom Case
bottom case
 $48.89  Ref #: 249607 .
250383 60.Y46N2.001
in stock in stock 60.Y46N2.001
Gateway NE572 NV510P NV570P Palmrest
palmrest with touchpad (no touchpad cable)
 $64.89  Ref #: 250383 .

332830 none
in stock in stock
Gateway NV510P DVD RW Drive
 $68.89  Ref #: 332830 .

Hard Drive Caddies
619147 33.M8EN2.002
in stock in stock 33.M8EN2.002
Gateway NE510 NE570 NE572 NV510P NV570P Hard Drive Caddy
hard drive caddy
 $29.95  Ref #: 619147 .

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