Dell Inspiron M731R (5735) Parts List
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310235 JJNFF
in stock in stock JJNFF, 0JJNFF, PK130T31A00, 1XVY2, V119725BS
Dell Inspiron M731R (5735) Keyboard
keyboard, black, with frame
 $32.89  Ref #: 310235 .

Cooling Fans
745431 74X7K
in stock in stock 74X7K, 074X7K, DC28000C8F0
Dell Inspiron M531R-5535 M731R-5735 Fan
cooling fan, 3 wire connector
 $19.79  Ref #: 745431 .

156162 DC02001MH00
in stock in stock DC02001MH00, 249YD, 0249YD, VAW10_LVDS_Cable
Dell Inspiron M731R-5735 LCD Cable
lcd cable
 $29.95  Ref #: 156162 .

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
438269 AM0T3000100
in stock AM0T3000100, AM0T3000100, AM0T3000200
Dell Inspiron M731R-5735 LCD Hinges
lcd hinges set, left AM0T3000100, right AM0T3000200, with side rails
 $22.89  Ref #: 438269

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
960332 LS-9105P
in stock in stock LS-9105P
Dell Inspiron M731R (5735) Power Button
power button board with cable
 $19.96  Ref #: 960332
960330 XFKH2
in stock in stock XFKH2, 0XFKH2, LS-9102P
Dell Inspiron M731R (5735) USB Board
single usb port board with cable
 $19.97  Ref #: 960330

DVD SuperMulti Drives
333425 none
in stock in stock
Dell Inspiron 15-3521 M731R-5735 DVD Super Multi Drive
DVD-R/RW SATA combo drive with faceplate
 $42.89  Ref #: 333425 .

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