Dell XPS M1730 Parts List
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Cooling Fans
744472 WW425
in stock WW425, 0WW425
Dell XPS M1730 Cooling Fan
replacement cooling fan, .20a, 4-wires
 $7.49  Ref #: 744472 .

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
168525 MN465
in stock in stock MN465, 0MN465
Dell XPS M1730 Display Cable
lcd cable
 $27.97  Ref #: 168525

DC Power Jacks
999429 none
in stock
Dell XPS M1730 DC Power Jack
dc jack
 $1.25  Ref #: 999429 .

Hard Drives

Hinge Kits, Heat Sinks, Compartment Covers, Speakers
442833 XM083
in stock in stock XM083, 0XM083
Dell XPS M1730 Keyboard Cover
keyboard cover with hinge covers
 $29.97  Ref #: 442833

299251 XG510
in stock in stock XG510

Dell XPS M1730 Battery, 9-Cell
new 9-cell battery replacement pack
 $79.99  Ref #: 299251

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
249799 KX409
in stock in stock KX409
Dell XPS M1730 Bottom Casing
bottom case
 $49.89  Ref #: 249799
247837 RW458
in stock in stock RW458
Dell XPS M1730 Display Bezel
front lcd lid (bezel)
 $47.89  Ref #: 247837

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