Dell XPS 17 (L702X) Parts List
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311384 454RX
in stock in stock 454RX, 0454RX, V119725AS1
Dell XPS L702X Keyboard
keyboard, black, with frame
 $39.89  Ref #: 311384 .

Cooling Fans
743265 XKD45
in stock in stock XKD45, 0XKD45, 4JGM7FAWI10, DFS661605FQ0T
Dell XPS L701X L702X Fan
cooling fan, 3-wire connector
 $24.79  Ref #: 743265 .

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
156165 552HT
in stock in stock 552HT, 0552HT, 1PY8N, 01PY8N
Dell XPS L702X LCD Cable, 1920 X 1080
lcd cable for laptops with 1920 x 1080 screens
 $21.79  Ref #: 156165 .
156166 5TY2P
in stock in stock 5TY2P, 05TY2P, DDGM7CLC120
Dell XPS L702X LCD Cable, 1366 X 768
lcd cable for laptops with 1366 X 768 screens
 $26.79  Ref #: 156166 .
156167 P4J7R
in stock in stock P4J7R, 0P4J7R
Dell XPS L702X LCD cable, Touchscreen
lcd cable for laptops with touchscreens
 $21.49  Ref #: 156167 .

DC Power Jacks
999414 RMD72
in stock in stock RMD72, 0RMD72, DD0GM7PB000
Dell XPS L701X L702X DC Jack With Cable
new genuine Dell replacement dc power jack
 $19.95  Ref #: 999414 .

AC Adapters
187206 PA-4E
in stock in stock PA-4E
Dell XPS L401X L501X L502X L701X L702X 130W AC Adapter
genuine Dell 130 watt ac adapter with power cord for PA-4E family
 $49.95  Ref #: 187206 .

Hard Drives
335491 MQ01ABF050
in stock in stock MQ01ABF050
Dell XPS 17 L702X 500GB Hard Drive
factory sealed Toshiba 500GB mobile hard drive, 7.0mm height, 5400rpm, 3.0Gb/sec, SATA, 8mb cache

 $59.95  Ref #: 335491

300169 JWPHF
in stock in stock JWPHF

Dell XPS L401X L501X L502X L521X L701X L702X Battery, 6-Cell
6-cell replacement battery, 9-position connector
 $39.97  Ref #: 300169 .
299253 312-1123
in stock in stock 312-1123

Dell XPS L401X L501X L502X L521X L701X L702X Battery, 9-Cell
9-cell replacement battery, 11.1v, 9-position connector
 $59.89  Ref #: 299253 .

Circuit Boards : Motherboards, power boards, video, network card, USB, etc.
960304 R21D6
in stock in stock R21D6, 0R21D6, DAGM7BPBAB0, 3XGM7PB0010
Dell XPS 17 L701X L702X Power Button Board
power button board
 $18.49  Ref #: 960304 .
960361 45M3V
in stock in stock 45M3V
Dell XPS 17 L702X USB Board
usb port board
 $19.97  Ref #: 960361 .

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
249809 W43Y4
in stock in stock W43Y4
Dell XPS 17 L702X LCD Bezel
front lcd lid (bezel) for laptops with 3D compatibility and it accommodates the 3D circuit board below the lcd screen
 $39.89  Ref #: 249809

333628 MHKCV
in stock in stock MHKCV
Dell XPS 17 L702X DVD Super MultiDrive
DVD-RW/CD-RW SATA combo drive, includes faceplate
 $59.89  Ref #: 333628 .

Hard Drive Caddies
619138 CNW3X
in stock in stock CNW3X
Dell XPS 17 L702X Hard Drive Tray
hard drive caddy
 $59.96  Ref #: 619138 .

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