Dell XPS 15 (L521X) Parts List
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310368 TDVVC
in stock in stock TDVVC, 0TDVVC
Dell XPS L421X L521X Backlit Keyboard
backlit keyboard
 $49.89  Ref #: 310368 .

Cooling Fans
743311 37XGD
in stock 37XGD, DC2800B4S0, 037XGD
Dell XPS 15 L521X Cooling Fan
new laptop cooling fan, 3-wire
 $23.49  Ref #: 743311 .

AC Adapters
186893 N6M8J
in stock in stock N6M8J
Dell XPS L421X L521X Genuine 90W AC Adapter
genuine Dell 90W ac adapter, PA-3E family, rated at 19.5v, 4.62 amp, power cord included
 $39.95  Ref #: 186893

Hard Drives

300169 JWPHF
in stock in stock JWPHF

Dell XPS L401X L501X L502X L521X L701X L702X Battery, 6-Cell
6-cell replacement battery, 9-position connector
 $39.97  Ref #: 300169 .
299253 312-1123
in stock in stock 312-1123

Dell XPS L401X L501X L502X L521X L701X L702X Battery, 9-Cell
9-cell replacement battery, 11.1v, 9-position connector
 $59.89  Ref #: 299253 .

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
249968 77W8K
in stock in stock 77W8K
Dell XPS 15 L521X Bottom Case
bottom case
 $55.89  Ref #: 249968 .

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