Dell XPS L322X Parts List
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312836 P6DWF
in stock in stock P6DWF, 0P6DWF, MH2X1, 0MH2X1, NSK-L50LN, 9Z.N7MLN.001, AED13U00110, MP-11C73USJ920, X52TT, 0X52TT
Dell XPS 12 9Q23 9Q33 XPS 13 L321X L322X Backlit Keyboard
black keyboard, BACKLIT
 $29.89  Ref #: 312836 .

Cooling Fans
745653 08X6N
in stock in stock 08X6N, 008X6N
Dell XPS 13 L322X 9333 Fan
cooling fan
 $59.95  Ref #: 745653 .

DC Power Jacks
999301 GRM3D
in stock in stock GRM3D, 0GRM3D
Dell XPS L321X L322X DC Jack Cable
dc jack and cable
 $18.87  Ref #: 999301 .

Hard Drives

Digitizer Touch Glass & LCD Displays
974353 VKWJC
in stock in stock VKWJC
Dell XPS 13-L322X LCD Assembly
this lcd assembly includes the front and rear lcd case, lcd and digitizer glass, and cables. This will only work for laptops originally configured with a touchscreen. The screen is 1920x1080 resolution
 $199.99  Ref #: 974353 .

300801 Y9N00
in stock in stock Y9N00

Dell XPS 13-L321X 13-L322X 13-9333 Battery, 6-Cell
6-cell lithium ion battery pack, black
 $69.99  Ref #: 300801 .

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