Dell Latitude E5450 Parts List
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311704 94F68
in stock in stock 94F68
Dell Latitude E5450 E5470 E7450 E7470 Keyboard
keyboard, black
 $38.89  Ref #: 311704 .
310649 D19TR
in stock in stock D19TR, 0D19TR
Dell Latitude E5450 E5470 Backlit Keyboard
new backlit keyboard, dual pointer
 $49.89  Ref #: 310649 .

Cooling Fans
746265 6YYDG
in stock in stock 6YYDG
Dell Latitude E5450 Fan
fan without heatsink
 $26.97  Ref #: 746265 .
746264 1PR3V
in stock in stock 1PR3V
Dell Latitude E5450 Fan Assembly
fan assembly for laptops with discrete nVidia graphics
 $59.89  Ref #: 746264 .

155217 1F8PK
in stock in stock 1F8PK
Dell Latitude E5450 LCD Cable, Non-Touch
lcd cable for models without a touchscreen
 $38.25  Ref #: 155217 .
155217 8R03V
in stock in stock 8R03V
Dell Latitude E5450 Non-Touch LCD Cable
lcd cable for models without a touchscreen
 $44.97  Ref #: 155217 .

DC Power Jacks
999691 P95KW
in stock in stock P95KW
Dell Latitude E5450 DC Jack
dc jack
 $21.25  Ref #: 999691 .

AC Adapters
186893 N6M8J
in stock in stock N6M8J
Dell Latitude E5450 Original 90W AC Adapter
genuine Dell 90W ac adapter, PA-3E family, rated at 19.5v, 4.62 amp, power cord included
 $39.96  Ref #: 186893 .

Hard Drives

335491 MQ01ABF050M
in stock in stock MQ01ABF050M
Dell Latitude E5450 500GB Hard Drive
Toshiba 500GB, 7.0mm, 5400rpm SATA (Serial ATA), 3.0Gb/s, 8mb cache laptop mobile hard drive, factory sealed
 $59.97  Ref #: 335491 .

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
438710 GKVP1
in stock in stock GKVP1
Dell Latitude E5450 Speaker Set
left and right side speaker set
 $21.49  Ref #: 438710 .
438708 V5PNK
Dell Latitude E5450 LCD Hinges, Touch
lcd hinges for systems with a touch display
 $39.97  Ref #: 438708 .
438709 70VRK
in stock in stock 70VRK
Dell Latitude E5450 LCD Hinges
manufacturer original lcd hinges for non-touch displays
 $32.25  Ref #: 438709 .

109251 G5M10
in stock in stock G5M10

Dell Latitude E5450 E5470 E5550 Battery
new original Dell batery pack
 $79.99  Ref #: 109251 .

LCD Bezels, Palmrests, Rear Lids, Bottom Cases
249026 N3D6V
in stock in stock N3D6V
Dell Latitude E5450 Bottom Case
bottom case
 $59.99  Ref #: 249026 .
248014 JX8MW
in stock in stock JX8MW
Dell Latitude E5450 Rear Cover
rear lcd lid
 $59.89  Ref #: 248014 .

Hard Drive Connectors
111744 8GD6D
in stock in stock 8GD6D
Dell Latitude E5450 Hard Drive Cable
SATA interface cable
 $27.79  Ref #: 111744 .

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