Dell XPS 13 (9333) Parts List
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Cooling Fans
745653 08X6N
in stock in stock 08X6N, 008X6N
Dell XPS 13 L322X 9333 Fan
cooling fan
 $59.95  Ref #: 745653 .

AC Adapters
186205 PA-1450-66D1
in stock in stock PA-1450-66D1
Dell XPS 13-9333 13-9343 13-9350 Original 45W AC Adapter
this is an original Dell 45W ac adapter, includes power cord
 $45.27  Ref #: 186205 .

Hard Drives

300801 Y9N00
in stock in stock Y9N00

Dell XPS 13-L321X 13-L322X 13-9333 Battery, 6-Cell
original Dell 6-cell lithium ion battery pack, black
 $98.99  Ref #: 300801 .

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