Dell Latitude 3440 Parts List
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312873 6H10H
in stock in stock 6H10H, 06H10H, 0NG6N9, NG6N9, 9Z.N8VSW.01D, NSK-L90SW
Dell Latitude 3440 Vostro 2421 Keyboard
new keyboard with frame
 $33.89  Ref #: 312873 .

Cooling Fans
745613 TPHPP
in stock TPHPP, 0TPHPP
Dell Latitude 3440 Fan Assembly
fan and heatsink assembly
 $18.97  Ref #: 745613 .

155076 TKK8J
in stock in stock TKK8J, 0TKK8J, 50.46O01.001
Dell Latitude 3440 LCD Cable
lcd cable for laptops without a touchscreen
 $45.89  Ref #: 155076 .

AC Adapters
187231 P975F
in stock in stock P975F
Dell Latitude 3440 E4300 E4310 E5410 E6220 X300 65W Charger
Dell original ac adapter, 19.5v, 3.34a for PA-2E family of laptops, model HA65NE1-00, 65watt
 $47.97  Ref #: 187231 .

Hard Drives

299241 0MF69
in stock in stock 0MF69

Dell Latitude 3440 Battery, 6-Cell
replacement 6-cell lithium Ion battery pack
 $44.97  Ref #: 299241 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
955035 50.4XP07.011
in stock in stock 50.4XP07.011
Dell Latitude 3440 Power Button Board
power button board
 $34.44  Ref #: 955035 .

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