Dell Studio 15 (1569) Parts List
Below is a list of parts we carry for this model

Part NumbersProduct Details And Links To Ordering

310223 7XNW2
in stock in stock 7XNW2, 07XNW2
Dell Studio 1569 Backlit Keyboard
backlit keyboard
 $49.89  Ref #: 310223

Cooling Fans
743304 D355P
in stock in stock D355P, 0D355P
Dell Studio 1569 Fan
cooling fan
 $19.92  Ref #: 743304

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
156151 CWWJH
in stock in stock CWWJH, 0CWWJH
Dell Studio 1569 LCD Cable
lcd cable
 $24.92  Ref #: 156151

AC Adapters
187340 0N6M8J
in stock in stock 0N6M8J
Original Dell Studio 1555 1557 1558 1569 65W AC Adapter
genuine 65W ac adapter for PA-12 family, 19.5v, 3.34a, specifically designed to meet the power needs of your Dell laptop
 $29.97  Ref #: 187340 .

186893 0N6M8J
in stock in stock 0N6M8J
Dell Studio 1557 1558 1569 Original 90W AC Adapter
genuine 90W ac adapter for PA-3E family, 19.5v, 4.62 amp, specifically designed to meet the power needs of your Dell laptop
 $39.97  Ref #: 186893 .

399210 none
in stock in stock

Dell Studio 1557 1558 1569 Compatible AC Adapter
aftermarket 65watt 19.5v ac adapter, 3.34a, 7.4mm / 5.0mm. With pin inside
 $24.95  Ref #: 399210 .

Hard Drives

Hinge Kits, Heat Sinks, Compartment Covers, Speakers
438254 FBRM6006010
in stock in stock FBRM6006010, FBRM6005010
Dell Studio 1569 LCD Hinge Set
lcd hinge and side rails, left and right
 $24.89  Ref #: 438254 .

Circuit Boards : Motherboards, power boards, video, network card, USB, etc.
956258 DA0RM6PBAB0
in stock in stock DA0RM6PBAB0
Dell Studio 1569 Power Button Board
power button board with cable
 $29.92  Ref #: 956258
956259 Y059D
in stock in stock Y059D, 0Y059D
Dell Studio 1569 USB Audio Board
single USB port and audio port board
 $39.92  Ref #: 956259

Casing : lcd bezel, rear lids, bottom casing, etc.
247284 H866M
in stock in stock H866M
Dell Studio 1569 Brown LCD Back Cover
lcd rear lid in brown
 $79.99  Ref #: 247284
247285 F7CMG
in stock in stock F7CMG
Dell Studio 1569 Keyboard Bezel
keyboard bezel (surrounds keyboard and covers power button
 $24.89  Ref #: 247285

Hard Drive Caddies
619129 5NXWW
in stock in stock 5NXWW
Dell Studio 1569 Hard Drive Caddy Kit
hard drive caddy, cable and 4 screws
 $29.92  Ref #: 619129

Hard Drive Connectors
110208 HRH6P
in stock in stock HRH6P
Dell Studio 1569 SATA Hard Drive Cable
hard drive connection cable for SATA hard drives only
 $19.97  Ref #: 110208

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