Dell Inspiron Mini 10V (1011) Parts List
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160088 M5T2V
in stock in stock M5T2V, DC02000SN10, 0M5T2V
Dell Inspiron 1011 LCD Cable
lcd cable
 $21.97  Ref #: 160088 .

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
442162 AM083000700
in stock in stock AM083000700, AM083000700, AM083000800
Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 LCD Hinge Set
lcd hinge set with side rails
 $19.89  Ref #: 442162 .

299210 M457P
in stock in stock M457P

Dell Inspiron Mini 10V-1011 11Z-1110 Battery, 6-Cell
6-cell replacement battery, 11.1v, 4400mAh
 $29.99  Ref #: 299210 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
957704 LS-5092P
in stock LS-5092P, LS-5092P, DC020000SP00
Dell Inspiron 10V 1011 Dual USB Board
dual USB port board, includes the cable
 $5.95  Ref #: 957704 .
959851 DC02000PF00
in stock in stock DC02000PF00, LS4762P
Dell Inspiron Mini 1011 Power Button Board
power button board with cable
 $39.92  Ref #: 959851

Hard Drive Caddies
620112 none
in stock
Dell Inspiron 10V 1011 Hard Drive Caddy
hard drive caddy
 $3.95  Ref #: 620112 .

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