Dell Inspiron 14R (5420) Parts List
Below is a list of parts we carry for this model

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312665 X38K3
in stock in stock X38K3, 0X38K3, KFRTBA209A, AER01U00110, 90.4IC07.A01, PK130OF4A00, A209, KFRTM9, X38K3, AER01U00010, NSK-DX0SQ 01
Dell Inspiron 14R 3420 15 3520 5420 7420 Black Keyboard
keyboard, black, chiclet key style
 $29.89  Ref #: 312665 .

Cooling Fans
743210 5N1F0
in stock in stock 5N1F0, 05N1F0
Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 Cooling Fan
new Dell cooling fan, 3-wire connector
 $33.25  Ref #: 743210

168368 H58TK
in stock H58TK, 0H58TK
Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 LCD Cable
new Dell replacement lcd cable
 $8.95  Ref #: 168368 .

DC Power Jacks
999211 3DWW2
in stock in stock 3DWW2, 03DWW2
Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 DC Jack
dc jack and attached cable
 $21.97  Ref #: 999211 .

AC Adapters
186893 0N6M8J
in stock in stock 0N6M8J
Dell Inspiron 14R 3420 5420 7420 Original 90W AC Adapter
genuine 90W ac adapter for PA-3E family, 19.5v, 4.62 amp, specifically designed to meet the power needs of your Dell laptop
 $39.95  Ref #: 186893

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
438340 268YH
in stock in stock 268YH, C04XX
Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 LCD Hinges
left and right side hinges
 $37.89  Ref #: 438340 .

299219 312-1311
in stock 312-1311

Dell Inspiron 14R-3420 14R-5420 14R-7420 Battery, 6-Cell
new replacement 6-cell battery pack, rated at 10.8v, 4400mAh
 $38.89  Ref #: 299219

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
956228 W2CXT
in stock in stock W2CXT, 0W2CXT, DA0R08PI6E3
Dell Inspiron 14R-5420 USB LAN Board
i/o board with single USB port, RJ-45 port and wifi card slot
 $27.95  Ref #: 956228 .

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