Asus Q553 series Parts List
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Cooling Fans
746271 13NB0AZ0AM0201
in stock in stock 13NB0AZ0AM0201
Asus Q553U Q553UA Fan
fan with heatsink
 $79.97  Ref #: 746271 .

155230 14005-01960000
in stock in stock 14005-01960000
Asus Q553U LCD Cable
lcd cable
 $99.97  Ref #: 155230 .

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
438724 none
in stock in stock
Asus Q553U Q553UB LCD Hinges
manufacturer original lcd hinges
 $79.97  Ref #: 438724 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
955332 90NB0AZ0-R10040
in stock in stock 90NB0AZ0-R10040
Asus Q553U Power Button
power button board
 $99.97  Ref #: 955332 .

DVD SuperMulti Drives
331401 none
in stock in stock
Asus Q553U DVD+RW Drive
DVD-R/RW SATA combo drive including faceplate, this drive can read/write/rewrite CD's, DVD+r, DVD-r, DVD+- r, DVD+-RW, and use Dual layer DVD's
 $69.89  Ref #: 331401 .

Hard Drive Connectors
111736 60N0T5E10C00
in stock in stock 60N0T5E10C00
Asus Q553U Hard Drive Board
hard drive connector board
 $79.97  Ref #: 111736 .

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