Asus N70S Parts List
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312353 04GNQX1KUS00-2
in stock in stock 04GNQX1KUS00-2
Asus N50 N51 N53 N60 N61 N70 N71 N90 Standard Keyboard
laptop keyboard, chicklet style, frame between keys, black
 $46.89  Ref #: 312353
311784 04GN0K1KUS00-1
in stock in stock 04GN0K1KUS00-1
Asus N50 N51 N53 N60 N61 N70 N71 N90 Beveled Keyboard
black keyboard, non-chicklet style, beveled keys
 $34.89  Ref #: 311784 .
312771 04GNV35KUS01-3
in stock in stock 04GNV35KUS01-3
Asus N50 N51 N53 N60 N61 N70 N71 N90 Chicklet White Keyboard
white keyboard chicklet style keys with black frame
 $49.89  Ref #: 312771 .

Cooling Fans
744942 UDQF2ZH34FQU
in stock in stock UDQF2ZH34FQU
Asus F70 F90 M70 N70 N90 Cooling Fan
fan without heat sink, 4-wire connector
 $39.97  Ref #: 744942

AC Adapters
187333 ADP-65JH(BB)
in stock in stock ADP-65JH(BB)
Asus N10 N50 N53 N70 N80 N81 N90 Original 65W AC Adapter
Asus genuine 65w charger, 19v, 3.42a, for laptops with 2.5mm pin dc jacks
 $44.97  Ref #: 187333 .

187143 PA-1900-36
in stock PA-1900-36
Asus N10 N50 N51 N70 N71 N80 N81 N90 Original 90W AC Adapter
Asus 90W original ac adapter, 19v, 4.74a, for laptops with 2.5mm pin dc jacks, comes with US power cord, specifically designed to mee the power needs of your Asus laptop
 $44.97  Ref #: 187143

Internal Laptop SATA Hard Drives:
All Laptop Hard Drives Are New And Unformatted. All drives have a Serial ATA (SATA) interface.
335491 MQ01ABF050
in stock in stock MQ01ABF050
500GB Toshiba 5400rpm 7.0mm SATA Mobile Hard Drive
Toshiba 500GB, 7.0mm, 5400rpm SATA (Serial ATA), 3.0Gb/s, 8mb cache laptop mobile hard drive, factory sealed

 $54.95  Ref #: 335491

109201 07G016541875
in stock in stock 07G016541875

Asus F70 G71 G72 M70 N70 N90 X71 Battery, 8-Cell
replacement 8-cell battery pack
 $59.95  Ref #: 109201

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