Acer Chromebook C730 Series Parts List
Below is a list of parts we carry for this model

Part NumbersProduct Details And Links To Ordering

310528 60.MQNN7.030
in stock in stock 60.MQNN7.030
Acer Chromebook C730 Keyboard Assembly
keyboard with palmrest, no touchpad included
 $59.99  Ref #: 310528 .

168548 50.MQNN7.004
in stock in stock 50.MQNN7.004, HUADD0ZHQLC000
Acer Chromebook C730 LCD Cable
lcd display cable
 $29.96  Ref #: 168548 .

AC Adapters
189502 KP.0450H.001
in stock in stock KP.0450H.001
Acer Chromebook C730 C810 CB3-111 CB5-311 CB3-531 45W Charger
genuine Acer 45W ac adapter
 $47.97  Ref #: 189502 .

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
442849 33.MQNN7.002
in stock in stock 33.MQNN7.002, 33.MQNN7.003
Acer Chromebook C730 Hinges
lcd hinge set
 $27.78  Ref #: 442849 .

109213 KT.0040G.004
in stock in stock KT.0040G.004

Acer Chromebook C730 C810 C910 Battery 4-Cell
new genuine 4-cell battery pack
 $69.99  Ref #: 109213 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
955344 DA0ZHQMB6E0
in stock in stock DA0ZHQMB6E0, NB.MRC11.001
Acer Chromebook C730 Intel 2.16Ghz Motherboard
motherboard with Celeron N2840 2.16G, MEM 2GB, EMMC 16GB, Card Reader W/ CPU
 $119.99  Ref #: 955344 .
955210 DA0ZHQPI6E0
in stock in stock DA0ZHQPI6E0, 55.MQNN7.001
Acer Chromebook C730 USB Board
usb and audio port board
 $26.97  Ref #: 955210 .

LCD Bezels, Palmrests, Rear Lids, Bottom Cases
247921 60.MQNN7.032
in stock in stock 60.MQNN7.032
Acer Chromebook C730 White Lower Case
lower bottom case, white
 $29.99  Ref #: 247921 .
247922 60.MQNN7.034
in stock in stock 60.MQNN7.034
Acer Chromebook C730 White Rear Cover
rear lcd lid in white
 $39.99  Ref #: 247922 .
249373 60.MQNN7.033
in stock in stock 60.MQNN7.033
Acer Chromebook C730 White Bezel
white front lcd lid (bezel)
 $28.89  Ref #: 249373 .

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