Acer Chromebook CXI Parts List
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Cooling Fans
743308 23.Z04D7.001
in stock in stock 23.Z04D7.001, DFS350705PQ0T, FCN440WAFATN00
Acer Chromebook CXI Fan
cooling fan
 $33.97  Ref #: 743308 .

Hard Drives

Circuit Boards : Motherboards, power boards, video, network card, USB, etc.
955093 KN.03207.004
in stock in stock KN.03207.004, KN.03207.008, KN.0320L.001, RBU-SNS4151S3/32G, LST-32S9G
Acer Chromebook C720 C740 C910 CB5-571 CXI 32GB SSD Drive
32GB SSD hard drive installed with Google Chrome operating system
 $49.97  Ref #: 955093 .
959144 55.Z04D7.001
in stock in stock 55.Z04D7.001, DA00WAPB4C0
Acer Chromebook CXI Power Button
new genuine Acer power button board
 $37.97  Ref #: 959144 .

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