Acer Aspire One Netbook 751H series Parts List
Below is a list of parts we carry for this model

Part NumbersProduct Details And Links To Ordering

312286 AEZA3R00010
in stock in stock AEZA3R00010, 9Z.N3C82.01D, KB.I140A.112, KBI140A112, AEZA3R00010, 9Z.N3C82.01D, DAFAEZA3R00010
Acer Aspire One 751H 752 Black Keyboard
laptop keyboard replacement, black
 $29.89  Ref #: 312286
312360 AEZA3R00020
in stock AEZA3R00020, 9Z.N3C82.21D
Acer Aspire One 751H White Keyboard
keyboard, white color
 $3.89  Ref #: 312360 .

Cooling Fans
744976 AB3705HX-K0B
in stock in stock AB3705HX-K0B
Acer Aspire One 751H Cooling Fan
cooling fan, .22a, 4-wire connector
 $24.95  Ref #: 744976

Cables : lcd cables, drive cables, wifi, touchpad cables, etc.
168189 DD0ZA3LC100
in stock in stock DD0ZA3LC100, 50.S8507.006, MECDD0ZA3LC100090815
Acer Aspire One 751H LCD Cable
lcd cable with webcam and microphone support
 $24.92  Ref #: 168189

AC Adapters
187313 PA-1300-04
in stock in stock PA-1300-04
Genuine Acer Aspire One 721 751H 752 30W AC Adapter
genuine 30W laptop ac adapter specifically designed to meet the power needs of your Acer laptop, 19v, 1.58a, by LiteOn, comes with power cord
 $34.97  Ref #: 187313

Hard Drives

Hinge Kits, Heat Sinks, Compartment Covers, Speakers
442692 none
in stock in stock
Acer Aspire 751H LCD Hinge Set
lcd hinges
 $24.92  Ref #: 442692

Hard Drive Caddies
620633 none
in stock in stock
Acer Aspire One 751H HDD Caddy
hard drive caddy
 $16.92  Ref #: 620633

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