Lenovo N21 Chromebook Parts List
Below is a list of parts we carry for this model

Part NumbersProduct Details And Links To Ordering

312650 37NL6TC0040
in stock in stock 37NL6TC0040, 5CB0H70355
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Keyboard Assembly
new genuine keyboard and black palmrest with touchpad
 $79.99  Ref #: 312650 .

DC Power Jacks
999671 DD0NL6AD000
in stock in stock DD0NL6AD000
Lenovo N21 Chromebook DC Jack
dc jack
 $34.93  Ref #: 999671 .

AC Adapters
103069 ADLX45DLC3A
in stock in stock ADLX45DLC3A

Lenovo N21 Chromebook AC Adapter
compatible ac adapter, 20v, 2.25a
 $28.85  Ref #: 103069 .

Hard Drives

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
442627 FBNL6013010
in stock in stock FBNL6013010, FBNL6013010, FBNL6014010
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Display Hinge Set
new genuine Lenovo lcd hinge set, left and right side included
 $19.89  Ref #: 442627 .
442628 none
in stock in stock
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Speaker Set
left and right side speaker set
 $19.49  Ref #: 442628 .

Digitizer Touch Glass & LCD Displays
974388 5D10H34773
in stock in stock 5D10H34773
Lenovo N21 Chromebook LCD Screen
lcd screen, 11.6-inch
 $59.99  Ref #: 974388 .

109218 L14M3P23
in stock in stock L14M3P23

Lenovo N21 Chromebook Original Battery
genuine Lenovo battery pack
 $79.89  Ref #: 109218 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
958809 DANL6LPI6B0
in stock in stock DANL6LPI6B0, 958809
Lenovo N21 Chromebook USB Board
usb port board with cable
 $18.87  Ref #: 958809 .
960166 DANL6LMB6B0
in stock in stock DANL6LMB6B0, 5B20H70352
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Motherboard
genuine Lenovo replacement motherboard, 4GB on board memory
 $119.89  Ref #: 960166 .

LCD Bezels, Palmrests, Rear Lids, Bottom Cases
249398 3INL6BA0020
in stock in stock 3INL6BA0020
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Bottom Case Cover
bottom case
 $29.89  Ref #: 249398 .
249977 35NL6LB0030
in stock in stock 35NL6LB0030
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Front Lid
front lcd lid (bezel)
 $28.89  Ref #: 249977 .
247969 34NL6LC0050
in stock in stock 34NL6LC0050
Lenovo N21 Chromebook Rear Cover
rear lcd lid and lcd cable
 $39.89  Ref #: 247969 .

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