Lenovo All-In-One C540 Parts List
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Cooling Fans
746268 DC28000C9V0
in stock in stock DC28000C9V0
Acer All-In-One C540 Fan
cooling fan
 $39.95  Ref #: 746268 .

155225 DC02001MY00
in stock in stock DC02001MY00
Lenovo All-In-One C540 LCD Cable
lcd display cable
 $39.97  Ref #: 155225 .

DC Power Jacks
999694 DC30100LW00
in stock in stock DC30100LW00
Lenovo All-In-One C540 DC Jack
dc power jack
 $44.97  Ref #: 999694 .

AC Adapters
189525 PA-1151-11VA
in stock in stock PA-1151-11VA
Lenovo All-In-One C540 150W AC Adapter
genuine 150 watt ac adapter, DC 19.5V 7.7A, Connecter size: 6.3mm×3.0mm
 $79.89  Ref #: 189525 .

Hard Drives

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
955327 T77H301.01
in stock in stock T77H301.01
Lenovo All-In-One C540 Wireless Card
Mini PCIe WiFi Wireless Card
 $24.44  Ref #: 955327 .
955328 LS-9303P
in stock in stock LS-9303P
Lenovo All-In-One C540 USB Board
multiport USB board
 $44.97  Ref #: 955328 .
955329 LS-9302P
in stock in stock LS-9302P
Lenovo All-In-One C540 Power Button
power button board
 $34.96  Ref #: 955329 .

Hard Drive Connectors
111580 DC02001MU10
in stock in stock DC02001MU10
Lenovo All-In-One C540 Hard Drive Cable
hard drive cable
 $29.97  Ref #: 111580 .

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