Lenovo IdeaPad B460 Parts List
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311891 25-009758
in stock in stock 25-009758, N3S-US, V-101020DS1-US
Lenovo Ideapd B460 Y460 Y550 Y560 Black Keyboard
laptop keyboard, black
 $29.89  Ref #: 311891 .
311892 25-008100
in stock 25-008100, N3S-US, MP-08F73US-686
Lenovo Ideapad B460 Y460 Y550 Y560 White Keyboard
laptop replacement keyboard, color white
 $4.89  Ref #: 311892 .

AC Adapters
187329 PA-1650-56LC
in stock in stock PA-1650-56LC
Lenovo Ideapad B460 B470 B560 B570 B575 N580 N585 P580 Z580 Z585 65W Chrager
genuine 65W manufacturer ac adapter, 20v, 3.25a, may have orange, black or yellow tip, Lenovo interchanged the color of the tip for this adapter, 5.5mm outside diameter and 2.5mm inside diameter barrel type connector, includes power cord
 $44.96  Ref #: 187329 .

Hard Drives

300224 57Y6454
in stock in stock 57Y6454

Lenovo IdeaPad B460 B570 Battery, 6-Cell
6-cell, 10.8v, intelligent Li-Ion replacement rechargeable battery, 7 position connector
 $35.95  Ref #: 300224 .

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