Hewlett Packard ProBook 6555B Parts List
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310340 613385-001
in stock in stock 613385-001
HP Probook 6550B 6555B Keyboard, Dual Point
keyboard with thumb stick, for laptops with 15.6-inch screens
 $69.99  Ref #: 310340 .

Cooling Fans
743276 613349-001
in stock in stock 613349-001
HP Probook 6450B 6455B 6550B 6555B Fan
cooling fan, this fan has 3 wires
 $19.97  Ref #: 743276 .

156233 6017B0262801
in stock in stock 6017B0262801
HP Probook 6450B 6455B 6550B 6555B LCD Cable
lcd cable
 $21.95  Ref #: 156233 .

AC Adapters
187325 391172-001
in stock in stock 391172-001
HP Probook Probook 6360B 6440B 6450B 6460B 6540B 6545B 6450B 6550B 6555B 6560B 65W AC Adapter
original 65W ac adapter, 18.5 volt, 3.5 amp, one center pin barrel plug, this adapter includes the power cord
 $38.88  Ref #: 187325 .

187326 609940-001
in stock in stock 609940-001
HP Probook 6360B 6440B 6450B 6460B 6540B 6545B 6450B 6555B 6560B 90W AC Adapter
genuine smart ac adapter, 19v, 4.74a, 90w
 $47.95  Ref #: 187326 .

Hard Drives
335491 MQ01ABF050
in stock in stock MQ01ABF050
HP Probook 6550B 6555B 500GB SATA Hard Drive
Toshiba brand 500GB, 7.0mm, 5400rpm SATA (Serial ATA interface), 3.0Gb/s, 8mb cache laptop mobile hard drive, factory sealed

 $59.95  Ref #: 335491

LCD Hinge Kits, Heatsinks, Speakers
438372 613328-001
in stock in stock 613328-001, 6055B0012401, 6055B0012402
HP Probook 6550B 6555B LCD Hinges
lcd hinge set
 $19.89  Ref #: 438372 .

Power Buttons, Motherboards, USB Ports, WIFI Cards
955004 613310-001
in stock in stock 613310-001, 6050A2331401
HP Probook 6550B 6555B Power Button
power button board with cable
 $17.75  Ref #: 955004 .

DVD SuperMulti Drives
331372 none
in stock in stock
HP Probook 6550B 6555B DVD Super Multi Drive
DVD-RW/CD-RW SATA combo drive, includes faceplate and rear mounting bracket
 $29.89  Ref #: 331372 .

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