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IBM dc power jack with attached cable, 2.5mm center pin, 4-pin connector DC301009S00
Only $1.75 - Item 129416392

ACER dc jack and cable for laptops with 65 watt ac adapters, 4-wire connector 50.M9UN2.003
Only $29.96 - Item 226116392

TOSHIBA dc jack and cable, 4-wire DC30100LR00
Only $49.99 - Item 226316392

DELL dc jack and cable, no soldering required none
Only $24.96 - Item 226416392

TOSHIBA dc power jack and attached 4-wire connector (2 red and 2 black wires) P000552850
Only $19.97 - Item 226616392

HP dc jack with cable none
Only $27.97 - Item 227016392

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